Grand Coulee Dam Gate Repair Pit Fire Protection

Project Date: 2013
Customer: Bureau of Reclamation

Project scope:
The Grand Coulee Dam Gate Repair Pit Fire Protection project: KCS designed and installed materials and equipment to convert the 37,300 cu-ft intake gate repair pit to a code compliant gate painting booth, complete with fine water mist fire protection and ventilation systems.

1. Included a fine water mist system in accordance with NFPA 750
2. Electrical and lighting system rated at Class 1, Div. 1
3. Medium voltage transformer installation
4. Ventilation system for painting and blasting operations in accordance with OSHA 1920.94

Quality key point:
Involved large modification to revise the contract to redesign and supply the suppression and ventilation systems to be compliant with current codes and standards.

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