Specialty Fabrication

Knight Const. & Supply, Inc. (KCS) offers a wide variety of specialty fabrication and field welding services by certified welders. Our field fabrication services include structural steel, stainless steel, stainless steel pipe and aluminum. While much of our business is based on our field welding capabilities, often these projects start in our 250’ x 100’ x 50’ tall special projects shop in Deer Park, WA prior to field installation.

Certified Field Welding Services

Welding and millwright work are the two core expertise supporting most of KCS’s work. KCS’s certified welder list includes more than 25 weld operators certified to AWS D1.1 and 1.5. Several welders are certified in aluminum and stainless steel, including for ASME Sect. IX BPVC pipe welding.

We provide field welding services to the hydroelectric generator owners and OEMs to complete modifications of stayvanes, discharge ring overlay and machining and cavitation repairs.

Structural Steel Fabrication

KCS has been completing field welding on hydraulic steel structures in accordance with AWS D1.5 and AWS D1.1 since the mid 1980’s and nearly continuously since that time. This welding has been completed in the most difficult reach locations from the bowels of the dam

Pipe Fabrication, Carbon and Stainless Steel

KCS can provide ASME Sect. IX BPVC pipe welding services with certified welders. Our projects experience in pipe welding dates back to the early years of the company. Our craftsman are familiar with everything from the smallest pipe size, to nine-foot diameter penstock pipe.

Aluminum Fabrication and Welding

The USACE has awarded KCS multiple aluminum turbine maintenance platform fabrication projects. KCS has repeatedly been successful with these complex fabrications where other contractors have failed.

We have certified welders capable of field welding of Isophase buss and aluminum bus bar pipe between hydroelectric generators and generator step up transformers.