Crane Modernization

Knight Const. & Supply, Inc. (KCS) offers a range of hoist and crane services. Our expertise ranges include crane manufacturing and modernization, crane inspection, along with installation of cranes supplied by others.

Crane Modernization

Our experience with cranes is mostly focused on the hydroelectric power industry, but these services are offered to all customers in need. Our experience in crane modernization includes intake gate and tailrace gantry crane and overhead powerhouse cranes up to 600 ton capacity.

Custom Hoist Manufacturing and Installation

KCS has manufactured and installed many spillway tainter gate hoists and other hoists to meet performance based specifications, several of which included a value engineered cost proposal resulting in cost savings and quality improvements for our customers. We have manufactured and installed both fixed and removable hoists with capacities exceeding 250 tons.

Crane Design and Fabrication

We have the expertise and knowledge to modernize your existing crane or design and manufacture your large custom crane or hoist to current ASME and CMAA standards. KCS designed, manufactured, delivered and commissioned a 12 ton gantry crane in 2012, and our most recently commissioned crane was a 40 ton tailrace draft tube crane installed in 2021 at Big Bend Dam.

The 25 ton trash rake crane for John Day Dam is scheduled for delivery and installation in 2022 and The Dalles Dam 480 ton Emergency Intake Gantry Crane is scheduled for installation in 2023.

Crane and Hoist Inspection Services

The KCS superintendents and QC managers are certified crane inspectors and can be available to inspect your crane in connection with upgrades or replacement needs.

Lifting Beam Rental

We have several large load beams with capacity up to 750 tons, designed in compliance with ASME BTH-1. KCS designed and fabricated these load beams to minimize hook height requirements and maximize configurability for load testing cranes and hoists.

Our lifting beams are available for rental. KCS can ship the beams and includes a representative to support proper assembly and use of the beams during your load test operations.