Alcoa Lake Spillway Tainter Gate Replacement

Project Date: 20121001
Customer: Alcoa

Project Scope:

Knight Const. & Supply, Inc. (KCS) was responsible for design, fabrication and installation of two new 21’ tall and 33’ wide tainter gates and all gate appurtenances including the gate control system and hoist system. KCS designed to the current hydraulic structures criteria to meet seal performance criteria, with attention to constructability, ease of use, ease of maintenance and avoidance of corrosion pockets.

• Blasted and painted with 5EZ vinyl system. Field containment, blasting and painting of field weld zones completed by Hancock SB&P
• Demolished existing gates and embedded side and sill seal plates
• Designed and installed new side and sill seal plates to meet seal performance criteria
• New shrink fit bearings installed in the gate trunnions
• Field installation of steel line shafting with shrink fit couplers
• The trunnion pins were found to be non-parallel. Based on knowledge from past experience, KCS was able to correct this major misalignment issue at a minimal cost to the customer
• Hoist equipment gearboxes refurbished at qualified gear shop
• KCS provided and installed the automated gate control system, along with a backup diesel generator and 480V switch gear and control panel

Quality key points:
1. KCS completed annual inspections for the 10 year warranty period
2. Field fabrication by KCS was in accordance with AWS D1.1 standards