Lower Granite Miter Pintle Heel Repairs

Project Date: 20190101
Customer: USACE, Walla Walla

Project scope:
Project Description and Activities Performed:
Knight Const. & Supply, Inc. (KCS) performed miter gate pintle repairs at the Lower Granite Lock and Dam during the 2019 Lock Outage period. This project was required to repair a failed lubrication system for the pintle heel (lower hinge ball) of one of the two downstream navigation lock miter gates. Repairs required design/build of a gate handling system to jack and restrain the 700 plus ton miter gate to access and remove and reinstall the pintle heel. Repairs included machining of new grease ports, and replacement of the submerged portion of the grease tubing. A gudgeon bushing was also replaced. Areas of repair on the gate were blasted and recoated. The project also included repairs to the drainage culvert involving grout curtain installation to seal leakage along cracks in the concrete monolith, repair of concrete spalling and areas of erosion, along with bulkhead slot floor repairs.

Key features of work:
1. Miter gate seasurement survey
2. 700 ton gate removal, shoring, and return to operation
3. Removal, repair, and reinstallation of pintle. Replacement of supply and return grease lines, and related items
4. Drainage culvert crack injection grouting (~ 200 lft of grout curtain)
5. Drainage culvert concrete chamfer repair
6. Drainage culvert bulkhead slot steel floor plate repair

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