Noxon Rapids Dam Stoplog Replacement

Project Date: 20190101
Customer: Avista

Project scope:
This design/build contract required KCS to design manufacture and install the new spillway gate steel stoplog system to fit the existing spillway. KCS’s innovative design reduced the number of stoplogs required from eight to seven. KCS provided labor, materials, and equipment to supply Avista with a new stoplog system consisting of (7) 19,000lb stoplogs, (1) stoplog lift beam w/ pneumatic actuation and (1) transport trailer. Both this lift beam and the transport trailer were fabricated at the KCS fabrication shop in Deer Park, WA while the stoplog sections were fabricated and painted in an AISC fabrication shop. KCS assembled the seals in our Deer Park shop. KCS surveyed and modified the spillway stoplog supports with diver support to ensure consistent stoplog seal quality across the entire spillway. KCS assembled a 60’x75’ modular barge with a 100-ton mobile crane for stoplog installation from the forebay. The stoplogs were tested and commissioned in multiple spillway bays. The stoplogs met the contractual leakage performance criteria.

Quality key points:
1. Stoplog design completed with FERC review
2. Included lifting beam and custom stoplog transport trailer