Bonneville 2nd PH Intake Gantry Crane.

Project Date: 20130301
Customer: USACE, Portland District

Project scope:
The purpose of the Bonneville 2nd PH Intake Gantry Crane Rehabilitation was to upgrade the crane to the latest standards. The project required KCS to design and manufacturer new controls and electrical systems, the dual operator’s cab, a new 85 ton main hoist trolley and many other details. KCS demolished and replaced the entire controls and power systems on the crane, including the feeder breakers and bus conductor bar, replaced the 85 ton main hoist trolley, inspected gears, replaced seals and bearings and completed alignment on all other equipment. Completed FAT testing in KCS Deer Park shop and verified all functions were working properly prior to installation onsite. Completed onsite load testing and commissioned of all crane functions.
The extensive onsite work was completed within the regulated Fish Work window, from December until the end of March as required by the contract.

Quality key points:
1. Includes two operator’s chairs
2. Aux hoist is used for trash raking
3. CCTV is used by the operator to monitor out of sight areas of crane operations
4. Incorporated Magnetek drives and Allen Bradley PLCs
5. The Portland USACE has told KCS that this crane has set the gold-standard for crane rehabilitations they have undertaken