Little Goose Bridge Crane Main Hoist Rehabilitation

Project Date: 2020
Customer: USACE, Walla Walla District

Project scope:
The project consisted of replacement of the Overhead Bridge Cranes’ two 300-ton main hoist drums, gearboxes and bearings. The work included the removal and replacement of the existing main hoist drums and machinery. Knight supplied and installed two new main hoist drums, parallel gearboxes, and pillow block bearings. The new hoist drums were 21’-8” long with a PD of 80” with a total of 121 wire rope grooves and an 8’ diameter double helical herringbone bull gear. We removed and re-installed the existing main hoist wire ropes utilizing magnetic flux testing during removal and re-installation. Completed reprogramming of the Allen Bradley PLC and VFD as needed to ensure main hoist performance complied with the contract specifications. Inspection and load test of the new main hoist machinery, bridge, and trolley drives, including no-load performance testing of the new main hoist machinery including Dynamic Balancing. ASME B30.2, 100% and 125% (750 tons) rated load test of the new main hoist machinery, existing bridge and trolley travel utilizing Water Weights.

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